Farmer Joe’s hoping to open for the first time since Ian

Reporter: Marcello Cuadra Writer: Paul Dolan

Even while closed, Farmer Joe’s has significantly helped relief efforts in Cape Coral since Hurricane Ian hit Southwest Florida.

The sign above the grocery store says “Closed for repairs” and “God bless Cape Coral” which is making residents question what’s next for the store.

Farmer Joe’s owner, Lee Snyder told WINK News the damage was widespread.

“Most of the damages was up on the roof. That’s where all your major components sit, air conditioning units, and all your big evaporators and things like that, that runs to run out of your coolers and things like that,” Snyder said.

“We had a multitude of leaks. And not to mention that a skylight totally blew right out. And several of them were, were leaking. So water penetrated inside and created almost kind of like a little vortex, with the wind factor in all, and destroyed a lot of things and knock a lot of stuff down,” Snyder said.

Snyder explained the store cleanup is getting closer to completion.

“It’s kind of tough because you’re dealing with insurance and everything else. So you’re almost like in a little limbo, and it’s not till you get like green light. Okay, let’s go ahead and get this place cleaned up,” Snyder said.

Snyder remains hopeful that Farmer Joe’s will reopen in the next week or so.

“With the outreach of the community, Keno can’t wait for us to open those doors again. It’s just, it’s amazing, you know, the support you get, even though we’re not physically open,” Snyder said.

Farmer Joe’s is looking to hire 50 people as soon as possible after losing some employees after the storm.

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