Frontier Airlines announces new $2K annual flight pass


The average flight out of Southwest Florida International Airport will cost you around $370, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. But Frontier Airlines hopes you’ll drop $2,000 on their new go-wild pass to fly wherever, whenever—with some restrictions.

Frequent flyers Lenard and Kathy Lackman, of Englewood, say they will need to do more research on Frontier’s Go-Wild all-you-can-fly pass before they make that purchase.

“It’s not a bad idea,” the Lackmans said. “We’d have to see what the service is like and what the planes are and how big the seats are, and if you could upgrade easy and stuff like that.”

For $1,999, you can fly anywhere on Frontier most days of the year. The budget airline’s CEO Barry Biffle says it’s a fantastic option for retirees like the Lackmans in Southwest Florida.

“This is the perfect product for active retirees because we have over 5 million seats that went empty over the last year and we’re giving people access to those,” Biffle said.

A Frontier Airlines plane taking off. CREDIT: WINK News

Frontier’s Go-Wild pass will require a lot of flexibility, however. Want to hop on a flight for a holiday weekend? Forget about it—those dates are all blacked out. Planning isn’t all that possible, either. You book your domestic flight the day before, and international flights 10 days before. Those bags are going to cost you extra too.

“We like to pick our seats,” the Lackmans said. “I like to know where I’m sitting, that we’re together.”

Sitting together comes at a price, too. Every time you book a flight using your pass, you’ll be charged a penny, plus the other taxes and fees that come with flying the friendly skies.
Any travel using the pass does not earn miles or status.

Florida Gulf Coast University freshman and frequent flyer Giana Cameron says it’s something she would “maybe, potentially” consider.

“Because I’m a broke college student and most of my flights are taken care of by my dad,” Cameron said. But she’ll let her dad know about the pass.

Make sure you mark your calendar if you buy the pass. If you don’t cancel your subscription, it will automatically renew.

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