Thieves grab catalytic converters from Naples church vehicles

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Thieves stole catalytic converters off vehicles in the parking lot of a Naples church where Feed Thy Neighbor, a non-profit group, operates.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the thefts occurring at St. Monica’s Episcopal Church.

Feed Thy Neighbor uses trucks and a van to feed homeless and food-insecure people in the area.

Pots and pans used by Feed Thy Neighbor to help feed homeless and food insecure people in Collier County. CREDIT: WINK News

Every day hundreds of hot cooked meals are delivered to families who need them most because of the non-profit.

Feed Thy Neighbor said it will have to work harder after the thieves stole the catalytic converters.

Anthony Mansolillo works with Feed Thy Neighbor and spoke with WINK News about what happened.

“I feed people in pup tents I Feed people who are living in barn-like structures. I feed people who are living behind the dumpster. I Feed the people who have really been lost in society,” Mansolillo said.

It’s going to be a bit harder to help the people he does this week.

Meaning, it’ll be harder to hit their standard weekly mark of 4,000 meals handed out.

“We do 800 meals a day every day, 5 days a week,” Mansolillo said.

But, harder doesn’t mean impossible. For Mansolillo, pushing through adversity is motivation.

“They’re never going to know what happened because I’m going to find a way to do it all,” Mansolillo said.

“It wasn’t just our trucks there are other trucks here that service children’s education. He took their catalytic converters. It was awful you know, especially at this time of the year it’s hard and now we blew everything that we had in our reserves $52,000 in the hurricane so now we are working on day-to-day donations,” Mansolillo said.

Mansolillo said he doesn’t wish any ill will upon whoever stole the converters, instead, he prayed for the person.

As for the vehicles, they are in the shop, waiting to be fixed.

Click here to see how you can help Feed Thy Neighbor.

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