Junkanoo and Fresh Catch Bistro get new location on Fort Myers Beach

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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The beachfront on Fort Myers Beach will be seeing another change. The owners of Fresh Catch Bistro and Junkanoo say that after more than 30 years in their spot on Fort Myers Beach, they’ll be taking over another property.

Junkanoo and Fresh Catch Bistro now have a fresh spot to call home.

“The past four months have been just crazy for everyone,” said Franco Russo, owner of Junkanoo and Fresh Catch Bistro.

The storm washed away their home for the last 30-plus years. Russo said rebuilding there was not an option. “First, we started on the beach, we looked off the island. And then this opportunity came about, and Shawn and Bob, the old owners of Bayfront, were great to work with, and we put a deal together. And here we are.”

Russo’s businesses are taking over the old Bayfront Bistro location.

Bayfront Bistro, the new home of Junkanoo and Fresh Catch Bistro. (Credit: WINK News)

“The lower level, the ground level, is going to be Junkanoo. So you’re going to have the bar in there, this outdoor seating. And, you know, we’re going to do some couches, and some games and whatnot out here and make it a little more lively and fun,” said Russo.

Bayfront Bistro, the new home of Junkanoo and Fresh Catch Bistro. (Credit: WINK News)

The fun doesn’t stop on the ground level. “Then the second level just above is going to be our Fresh Catch area. So you’re gonna have the inside, the deck. I will say that Junkanoo used to be called Junkanoo on the Beach because it was actually on the sand. We changed the branding a bit to call it Junkanoo Below Deck because it’s literally underneath the Fresh Catch deck.”

Russo said Junkanoo Below Deck could be open as soon as Friday, but no promises. “One thing at a time.”

WINK News has learned that The Cottage and Shuckers deal, worth about $16 million, has fallen through. That property is back on the market.

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