‘Truly a benefit’: Fort Myers Beach approves plans to restore, rebuild beaches

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Fort Myers Beach’s town council has unanimously approved two restoration projects on the island.

To have Fort Myers Beach, one thing is essential, the beach. More specifically, sand. So, investing in the beaches is a priority, and the mayor of Fort Myers Beach said that is precisely what the projects will do.

“It’s a big week for us,” said Fort Myers Beach Mayor Dan Allers.

This week, the town council unanimously approved two projects. The first project pumps sand onto the beach. This should help build the beach back better than ever and cost $25 million.

“It’s truly a benefit to the entire island,” said Allers.

The second project costs $7 million. “The berm, the emergency berm, is the one that we’re talking about. That’s the one that has to happen over the next couple of months to be able to get it done,” Allers said.

The long-term berm is a terrace of a beach that has formed on the backshore. It will be built throughout the island and will be six feet tall.

The decision led some folks, like Margaritaville, to become quite alarmed. They don’t want to lose any of the views of the water.

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In a post, Margaritaville said, “we are viewing this as the highest impact issue for our resort.”

WINK News asked Allers to clarify the impact of the berm. “It seems to be a little bit of misunderstanding about the six-foot berm or six-and-a-half-foot berm. That’s from sea level.”

Allers said the issue of an obstructed view should officially be in the rearview.

Now, all that’s left is getting residents to sign on. “All the beach residents to sign the waivers are the easements, I should say, the 15-year easements to be able to do the berm as well as the beach renourishment,” Allers said.

For the berm to happen, all property owners on the beach must sign and agree to it.

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