Thomas Bigwood leaves behind the gift of life after untimely death

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24-year-old Thomas Bigwood died in February from cardiac arrest, but Bigwood left behind something that will change the lives of others.

Kimberly Cobb, Bigwood’s mother from Cape Coral, wanted everyone to know that you can always find something positive despite tragic circumstances.

Cobb obtained the solace seldom experienced when your child dies. She remains steadfastly hopeful her story will inspire other families to take action.

Bigwood was entering an exciting chapter in his life. Joining him, Bigwood had a fiance and 9-month-old son by his side.

“He went into cardiac arrest in his sleep,” Cobb said. “Somewhere in the process, he didn’t get enough oxygen to his brain and that’s really what ended up killing him.”

An untimely death, but despite their grief Cobb’s family quickly took action. Just two days after Bigwood died they harvested his organs.

“It was an easy choice for me. I know that somewhere someone last week got a phone call that they were going to get an organ and hopefully have a life,” Cobb said.

Cobb is speaking from experience. Mark, Cobb’s late husband and Bigwoods’ stepfather received four kidneys throughout his life, extending it by nearly 50 years. This inspired Cobb to investigate the idea of her son becoming an organ donor.

“It definitely opened all of our eyes to it. And I think that’s one of the things that a lot of people don’t think about is how many people are really out there waiting for kidneys and hearts,” Cobb said.

It was so special that the family felt they had to pay it forward.

“My son was so young and just a beautiful person, but it’s it helps me to really know that he helped someone else. He helped at least four people with his organs. And he also has gifts of skin for burn victims,” Cobb said.

Cobb told WINK News she does not know who will benefit from her son’s organs, but it’s enough that she’s sure his legacy will live on in those people.

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