Jury recommends life in prison for cop-killer Wisner Desmaret

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On Friday morning, a jury recommended life in prison for Wisner Desmaret, convicted of murdering Fort Myers Police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller.

Desmaret was found guilty of the murder on Wednesday. After the penalty phase began the following day, the jury decided and heard impact statements from Jobbers-Miller’s family. His official sentencing is scheduled for June 5.

Lee Hollander thinks jurors recognized Desmaret is struggling with severe mental health issues. Which Hollander claims explains his outbursts and confusion displayed throughout the trial.

For five years, families waited patiently for a trial. And all it took was two days for the trial to end.

“The trial court shall impose a sentence of life without the possibility of parole,” the judge said.

Then, 2,500 pages of psychiatric records detailing mental health issues. Issues that Hollander, Desmaret’s standby attorney, believes influenced the jury’s recommendation.

“I think the jury realized his mental health issues, and they recognized it. Even though they found aggravating factors, they found that whatever happened did not require a death sentence,” Hollander said.

“Giving death sentences to people who are psychiatrically not all there… we’re supposed to be a little better than that in society,” Hollander said.

However, the state attorney, Amira Fox, said Desmaret deserves to die for his crime.

“He wanted to kill a cop,” Fox said.

She said Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller sacrificed his life for others and instantly lost it to Desmaret.

Steadfast in his refusal to let Hollander speak on his behalf, Desmaret represented himself throughout the entire trial.

“He and I were not best buddies, and a lot of it stems from the fact that he did not want to bring up his psychiatric issues. I mean, he didn’t want his brother to testify to the jury about it,” Hollander said.

Hollander attempted multiple times to have his mental competency revisited, stating his paranoia and schizophrenia caused Desmaret to shoot Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller.

“He’s not taking his meds. He’s not all there,” Hollander tried explaining to the judge.

“I’m hearing voices… when I’m alone… I hear things… See them,” Desmaret said.

Desmaret said throughout the trial he thought the police were trying to kill him.

“I wasn’t born with HIV. And I think that’s what’s making me a target a lot of these people that’s infected with HIV they need new blood if he would have shot and killed me when we get to the hospital, all they do is take my blood out of my take my blood out of me,” Desmaret said.

Just one of the numerous shocking remarks made by Desmaret during the trial.

Hollander said he plans to file an appeal. Officer Jobbers-Miller’s father nor the state spoke after the jury came back on Friday. The plan to once the judge makes the sentence official.

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