Miracle Monday: Checking in on Golisano’s youngest premature twins

Reporter: Amanda Hall Writer: Joey Pellegrino
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This week’s Miracle Monday is a double feature: Ahead of Mother’s Day 2023, WINK News checks in on the Davis twins, the youngest premature babies to ever survive at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Avery and Emersyn are thriving 1 1/2 years after being born to Taylor and Mark Davis. Taylor Davis went into labor when she was just five months pregnant and says doctors warned the twins probably wouldn’t make it. She laid upside down for six days to give them their best chance possible by allowing them more time inside.

On Oct. 29, 2021, just shy of 22 weeks, 1-pound Avery was born. Three days later, Emersyn was delivered by emergency C-section.

“I just feel extremely blessed to have my daughters here, because we have gotten so close to losing them so many times and nothing beats just having them in our arms,” Taylor Davis said.

Taylor and Mark have three other children; you can imagine how hard it was for the whole family when the twins spent 4 1/2 months in the NICU.

Now the girls are learning new words, making adorable sounds and scooting around the house. Their mom says therapy has helped her work through the trauma of their arrival. Taylor connects with other moms for motivation and insight.

“We’re super excited to be here and, you know, spread awareness for the miracle that they are and give other mothers hope that there is a possibility that 22-weekers can survive and can thrive,” Taylor said. “No matter what statistics say. Just always follow your gut and do everything you can as a mother, and then you’ll get this.”

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