Friday’s Furry Friends: Honey, Cameron

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The Gulf Coast Humane Society has around 100 dogs in its shelter, all in need of loving homes. Every Friday, WINK News will introduce you to new dogs (and cats) that could be the perfect additions to your family.

This week’s pets:

Honey, a 7-year-old boxer mix. Her name suits her well because she is so, so sweet. She loves to be around people and other dogs, so she can play and cuddle with them.

When Honey first came to GCHS three months ago, she was depressed and very timid, hiding in corners and refusing to let people touch her. Honey was surrendered by her owner along with another dog that was already adopted. Volunteers worked with her and gave her lots of love until she was able to break out of her shell.

Honey has received some training and already knows how to sit and lie down. She is also one of GCHS’s furry ambassadors, meaning they bring her to events and to schools to cheer people up.

Honey, a 7-year-old boxer mix available for adoption from the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Credit: WINK News

Cameron, a rare 3-year-old male calico cat. Most calicos are female. He’s a little rambunctious, loves to play and is very sweet.

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month, and GCHS is running specials on adoption fees. For adult cats, you get half off the adoption fee. For kittens, the special lets you adopt one and get a second kitten’s adoption fee half off.

GCHS is taking care of over 130 cats and kittens, and over 50 are in foster homes.

Cameron, a rare 3-year-old male calico cat available for adoption from the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Credit: WINK News

There is a dog (and cat) for every family, and the Gulf Coast Humane Society hopes to make the perfect match. Contact GCHS at (239) 332-0364 or visit its webpage for adoptable dogs.

You can’t buy happiness, but you sure can rescue it.

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