Video shows man scale fence, break into Naples Police Department


New videos have been released of the man Naples police say scaled a fence, got inside the police station and walked around for 40 minutes.

The videos, police said, show 36-year-old Joseph Moulton in the moments outside of the Naples Police Department before he hopped the fence on April 8. NPD shared five videos with WINK News that line up with Moulton’s arrest report, showing how he circumvented the station’s security features.

In the first 30-minute video, a city-owned vehicle can be seen in the distance, flashing its lights on and off several times before a man opens the door to the station and steps inside. That matches up with Moulton’s arrest report, which said the man pulled on several vehicle doors before gaining access to a city-owned pickup truck.

Moulton’s arrest report said he was able to “defeat the security features of the west door,” and former Naples Police Chief Tom Weschler called the entire situation a “fluke” in an exclusive interview with WINK.

“It was a complete fluke,” Weschler said. “I mean, it’s something that we’ve never experienced before; I don’t think you’ve ever heard of a police station getting broken into, so it was unusual.”

But a five-minute video shows Moulton forcibly pulling on the department’s side door for several moments before the door swings open and he steps inside.

Once inside, his arrest report said Moulton entered the men’s locker room, took a shower, went into the ladies’ restroom and defecated on the floor. He then proceeded to walk the corridors of the police department in a towel.

WINK did not acquire videos of what happened inside the NPD station, but someone inside the police station sent screengrabs illustrating that sequence of events.

The final three videos show Moulton right after his spree inside the department. One shows him walking out of the station’s side door. Another two catch him from two different angles outside of the building sporting a stolen police polo shirt and hat.

“This gentleman, if you want to call him a gentleman, had to climb a fence—it was raining—come to the door, he made access through the door… it was a lot of different steps that had to take place,” Weschler said, “so it’s a complete fluke, really, to get into our police station.”

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