‘Protect kids’: Tampa-based company aims to protect students by fortifying glass windows and doors

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FILE: Classroom. (Credit: WINK News)

 A Tampa-based company is aiming to revolutionize school safety by installing security film on glass windows and doors in schools. This company was born out of a tragic incident and a firm belief that these catastrophes are avoidable.

In the aftermath of the horrifying mass shooting at the covenant school in Nashville in March, Peter D’Abrosca said he had seen enough and is determined to protect students.

“She shoots at the glass door. The glass completely shatters and it splashes through. There’s a giant hole. She walks in and she ended up killing six people,” said Peter D’Abrosca, Founder/CEO of School Shield Security Film as he referred to the Nashville tragedy.

In an effort to make schools safer,  he’s fortifying their exterior with School Shield Security Film.

“So it’s not bullet proof, but what it does is even if the glass shatters, the film stays intact. Storefronts in cities, they put it on gas stations, jewelry stores, things like that but nobody’s ever had the idea that to specifically go and protect kids. The Metro Nashville police responded in 6 minutes. So, if you could buy yourself five or 6 or 8 minutes using security film, this takes away from the time that they can actually go in and do damage. [It] gives authorities the time to respond. It gives schools the opportunity to go on lockdown.”

This security film can range from 8 to 21 millimeters thick.

“If they’re trying to enter the school and it’s difficult for them, they can’t gain forced entry, they might turn around and run away, which would be the optimum outcome,” said D’Abrosca. And it’s cost effective. “Putting bulletproof glass on an entire school, you’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, obviously, gun control is a political issue, but I think we can all agree, no matter what our politics are, that school shootings are bad. And this is something we can do right now to take action.”

The hope is that school districts around the country will never have to experience the horror of a mass shooting again. The company is already working with schools across Texas and Boston to implement that glass in hopes of preventing tragedy from happening there.

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