Sweating is a good thing

Hot heat

It’s hot, hot, hot outside.

The Weather Authority Meteorologist Lauren Kreidler noted that Fort Myers has experienced 38 consecutive days of temperatures above 90 degrees.

Step outside and you know it only takes a few seconds to feel the heat and break a sweat.

Lee Health Emergency Physician Tim Dougherty answered a series of questions for WINK News about our excessive heat.

Q: Please explain why we sweat.

“Sweat is one of the ways the body regulates heat. We’re talking about all over body sweating, not just under the armpits,” stated Dr. Dougherty. “Sweating is an important body mechanism and you can suffer consequences if you block all abilities of the body to regulate heat.”

Q: Why do some people sweat more than others?

“There are medications that people should be aware of (allergy medications, some high blood pressure medications, some psychiatric medicines) that can alter body’s ability to regulate heat.” Dr. Dougherty added, “Benadryl can also limit sweat which doesn’t allow for body to regulate heat. There is also a medical condition resulting in excessive sweating called hyperhidrosis.”

Q: Can antiperspirants really reduce sweating?

“Antiperspirants block some of the sweat glands from releasing sweat. They do work by blocking those glands temporarily,” said Dougherty.

Q: Does Botox reduce sweating?

“Botox injections can prevent sweat glands from working. It can be used for people that have excessive sweating under their armpits,” the doctor explained. “This is an esthetic choice. It only prevents the sweat glands from working where it is injected.”

Q: Other than air conditioning and water, any other recommendations to keep cool?

“Be aware of medications that you take that can impact your temperature,” warned Dougherty. “Seek medical attention if you find yourself unable to sweat due to heat impact.”

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