Naples bus stop assault leads to arrest

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A person accused of trying to touch and harass a young girl at a bus stop is under arrest and behind bars.

He’s been identified as Kevin Castro-Salinas, 22, and was arrested at his home in Collier County.

Follow this young girl’s example. Surround yourself with people, get into a crowd if possible and don’t be afraid to get loud

You can meet anyone at a bus stop. Last Friday, a young girl told Naples Police that Castro-Salinas tried to kiss her and touch her. Thursday, Naples Police found and arrested Castro-Salinas.

“I think one of the problems we face today is that criminals are out in the open, and they’ve got a lot more confidence in what they’re doing,” said John Frost, owner of Tiger Rock Martial Arts.

The bus stop where this situation occurred was at 1600 Fleischmann Boulevard, along Goodlette Frank Road.

Police said, at one point, the girl surrounded herself with other people and yelled at Castro-Salinas to leave her alone, but he did not.

Naples Police said Castro-Salinas followed her onto a bus and grabbed her buttocks.

She finally escaped from him by pretending to get off the bus, and when he got off, she sat back down, and the doors closed on him.

“When someone you don’t know starts approaching you, or getting into an uncomfortable distance, I think it’s important to make eye contact and to recognize that, or let them know that you see them and you’re aware of them, and then if at all possible, and in any situation that’s uncomfortable, you need to just get out,” Frost said.

Frost said the victim did the right thing.

Eileen Wesley, with Naples Project Help, agrees.

“Her walking over to a group of women shows that she did not want something to happen to her and that she was basically, she didn’t realize how she was protecting herself by going near those people. I always tell kids, and adults even, you know, any age, that if you feel in danger, and there’s people around, get loud,” Wesley said.

Castro-Salinas remains in the Collier County Jail.

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