WINK News Investigates ticket refunds for Hertz Arena concert

Author: Céline McArthur Writer: Rachel Murphy
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Joe Knopp, the event organizer who admitted on camera that the proceeds of the benefit concert were going into his private company’s bank account, has not answered WINK News’ calls or emails to explain what he thinks needs to happen in order to resurrect this event and perhaps more urgently, how you can be sure you get a refund.

In a statement from Hertz Arena, it says, “All ticket purchases can be refunded at their original point of sale over the next 30 days, and again within 30 days of new date announcement.”

We’ve had at least one viewer tell us they’re having trouble getting their money back.

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Disaster relief concert webpage (CREDIT:

WINK News took a look at Joe Knopp’s website, At first glance, you may think the concert is still a go. You have to click on “buy tickets” to learn more.

You’re transferred to Ticketmaster. At the top right, it says, “The event organizer had to postpone the event.”

When you click on it, you get this pop-up: “Please hold onto your tickets as they will be valid for the new date. If your event is eligible for a refund or credit, those options will be visible within the event details of your order.”

Please see our purchase policy. Click on purchase policy. Go down to number 10.

It says: “The event organizer may approve refunds, or the option to choose between a refund or a credit, for the event; any refund and/or credit policies are determined on an event-by-event basis by the event organizer, and may be subject to limitations set by the event organizer. If the event organizer approves refunds and/or credits, we will send you a notification explaining your options, and you may submit a request for a refund or credit.”

WINK News asked Fort Myers Attorney Scot Goldberg to read the policy and help us figure it out.

“Yes, they have the discretion on whether they’re going to offer refunds when there’s a postponement. If they ultimately cancel, you will be entitled to get back credited back to their accounts. But during the postponement if people want to see about getting a refund, and they would have to go through this process by contacting Ticketmaster and asking for the refund and hoping that the event organizer authorizes that money to do,” said Goldberg.

We will keep an eye on the status of this concert. In the meantime, WINK News reached out to Hertz Arena and Ticketmaster for some clarity on refunds. WINK News will let you know what they say, if they get back to us.

WINK News is also staying on top of the attorney general and local law enforcement investigations and will keep you posted.

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