Fort Myers video game company discusses positive evolution of AI

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The use of Artificial Intelligence has surged across social media platforms, giving rise to both excitement and apprehension about its potential uses.

In September, WINK News explored the unsettling realm of AI-generated content, with a viral deepfake video featuring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announcing his withdrawal from the 2024 presidential race. 

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This incident prompted ethical questions about the use of AI in the political landscape and beyond. Cybersecurity expert Alan Crowetz emphasized the potentially devastating consequences of such videos, shedding light on the need for awareness and AI education. Nevertheless, he mentioned that not all forms of AI are bad. 

That’s what led WINK News investigative reporter Kellie Miller to Bronze Legion Studios, a budding video game company in Fort Myers founded just over a year ago by a group of tech enthusiasts.

“We’re starting to work with some pretty interesting companies for our AI and deep fake technology,” said CEO Matthew Streater, “but we still primarily are a video game company, and we’re about to release our first game, so that’s pretty exciting.”

Bronze Legion quickly gained prominence in the gaming industry by combining traditional game development with AI innovation. Streater views AI systems like ChatGPT and Google Bard as modern tools for sparking creativity and problem-solving. 

“It just allows [regular] people who have ideas to kind of bounce it off something smarter than them, almost like having a dialogue with an advisor who has been in business for 40 years,” Streater said. 

Bronze Legion believes that AI tools not only empower content creators but also offer unique ways for conveying messages to a broad audience. 

“We met a businesswoman who provides for teachers a chat client like ChatGPT, but it’s specialized to their class, and if students are studying the material, and they have any questions, they can ask that AI chat model, and it’ll give them answers,” said Bronze Legion team member Arthur Bobrek.

It’s important to note that the positive potential of AI in classrooms comes with concerns about cheating. Teachers have voiced concerns that students might use AI to write papers or take tests. To address this, there is software available that can detect and identify content generated by AI systems. 

Julian Wingert from Bronze Legion emphasized the importance of approaching information with an added layer of skepticism in the era of AI-generated content.

“I think we just kind of need an extra level of skepticism, kind of going forward whenever we interact with any kind of information or visual information via videos, audio,” Wingert said. 

Looking ahead, the future of AI technology appears promising, especially within businesses. Additionally, Streater envisions AI as a supplement to human jobs rather than a replacement. 

Bronze Legion is currently collaborating with various companies in Southwest Florida, shaping the way they integrate AI into their workplaces. 

“It’s opening up a lot of entrepreneurs to be able to do a lot of incredible things,” Streater said. 

For more information about Bronze Legion visit their website here. 

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