Lee County School District has several positions to fill

Reporter: Jolena Esperto
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The teacher shortage is a problem no matter where you go in the U.S., and Lee County school district recruiters said it hasn’t skipped the Lee County area– not only with a shortage in teachers, but bus drivers and several other non-instructional positions.

“Even after the devastating hit of hurricanes, and we still had families moving and relocating to this area, we opened two new schools this past year, and we’re scheduled to open several new schools,” said Suzette Rivera. 

Rivera is the Lee County Schools recruitment director. She said she met with a lot of people who may be able to fill some of the gaps.

“We have a variety of positions that we can find. For me, it’s about being an assistant teacher. We have a lot of offers, and this is great. It’s just we have a lot of opportunities,” said Elizabeth Bazmino, who is attending the career fair.

If you apply to be a teacher or counselor, degrees are expected, but there’s such a vast majority of need in the district right now there may be a job for anyone interested.

“Initially, my thought process is that you have to have a degree for a lot of the positions there. She did tell me about substituting. I can be a substitute teacher, and I don’t need a degree for that. But I am working on my degree, so I’ll be able to branch out into more things,” said Nefferia Williams, who is seeking a job.

“We’re a part of the whole child and raising the child together and a community, and when we don’t have positions filled, it really is hurting. It’s impacting children at the end of the day,” said Rivera.

When it comes to teaching positions, math, English, science, elementary and special education have the most openings.

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