8-year-old calls Cape Coral police on dad for allegedly driving drunk

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The Cape Coral Police Department has arrested a man for allegedly driving under the influence after his daughter called 911 on him.

According to the CCPD, Albert Coronado, 36, was arrested at around 11:08 p.m. on Sunday, Father’s Day, after his 8-year-old called 911.

CCPD arrived at the 1900 block of Southwest 32nd Street, where they discovered Coronado sleeping in his vehicle with his daughter crying in the back seat.

“The call was from an eight-year-old girl who was reporting that her father was drinking and driving and that he had pulled off onto the side of the road to fall asleep,” said Lisa Greenburg from the Cape Coral Police Department. “She was obviously scared. And so our officers respond, they found her in the back seat crying.”

WINK News obtained the body camera video that shows Coronado being cuffed. Cape Coral police say the little girl is a hero.

“That eight-year-old deciding to pick up the phone and call police could have saved her life, could have saved her father’s life, could have saved any other driver or person on the road, whether that’s a pedestrian, someone behind the wheel, a passenger,” said Greenburg. “it’s hard to tell how many lives could have been potentially saved by this. So for that little girl to think to call the police and then follow through with that, it’s very brave and we definitely applaud that.”

The child was turned over to a family member and is safe. The police department said they don’t recall a similar situation ever happening before.

When Coronado awoke, police interrogated him, asking if his child was the individual who called 911, which he confirmed.

According to police, Coronado admitted to drinking at home, had glassy, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, an odor of alcohol on his breath and difficulty balancing.

His blood alcohol level was .13. The second time he blew it was .14.

“I think anyone who gets behind the wheel after having too much to drink should be aware that we’re out there, we’re monitoring this, and of course, in this case, we have the help of an eight-year-old girl to get this person off the road,” Greenburg said.

Coronado was arrested and charged with DUI and driving under the influence with a minor inside the vehicle. Coronado is still in custody.

“This was just one of a few Dui’s that we saw this weekend,” Greenburg said.

Officers brought the eight-year-old teddy bears to comfort her. Cape police said they often carry around toys for kids in distress.

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