Lauren Dumolo’s family speaks 4 years after disappearance

Reporter: Elizabeth Biro
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Wednesday marks four years since Lauren Dumolo vanished without a trace.

Her purse was found at Four Freedoms Park two days later, not too far from her Cape Coral home.

There have been no arrests, no big leads, and no concrete clues about what exactly happened to Dumolo in four years.

Her family said not knowing is agonizing, and they just want answers.

When Paul Dumolo looks at pictures of his girls, he wishes he had a time machine. His little Lauren and Cassie were born 13 months apart.

“See, Lauren could do whatever she wanted and say whatever she wanted to Cassie, but if anyone else did, Lauren would be the first one there,” Paul said.

Lauren was older, always protecting Cassie. Paul watched his kids grow to have kids of their own.

The last time he spoke to her was on a phone call on June 18, 2020.

“Something I always do because I’m afraid that I’ll forget is replay that phone call, [the] last few phone calls I got from her so I don’t forget what her voice sounds like,” Paul said.

Lauren was reported missing the next day, and she was reportedly last seen by her boyfriend. Her phone was in her Cape Coral apartment, and her purse was found at the nearby Four Freedoms Park.

Everything since that day hasn’t added up to Paul.

“Without a doubt frustrated because I don’t know what it’s going to take, to be honest with you. I don’t think there will ever be any arrests made. Too far gone now,” Paul said.

He finds peace in the promise he’ll see her again on the other side; while he wishes law enforcement had more answers. He and Cassie are forever grateful for all those who keep Lauren’s name alive and never gave up the search.

“I wish that Lauren could see, even if she didn’t always feel loved and welcomed and accepted or different from this world, that there are so many people here still fighting for her that don’t even know her,” Cassie said.

Cassie told us that, as kids, their relationship was what you’d expect of sisters: hot and cold but always love.

“I remember I was not a morning person growing up, and she would be responsible for waking me up for school, and we would fight. We would physically hit each other, and then we’d walk to school, and we’d give each other a hug and say, ‘Okay, love, you have a good day.'”

As the older sister, Lauren only knew a world without Cassie for 13 months. Cassie’s known that world for four years now.

“I think that’s what keeps us moving is the hope that one day maybe she will come home. I think at this point, when we say come home, we mean in any way, shape or form. We want a piece of closure.”

Cassie told us that not knowing is agonizing. She just wants answers.

“Stop this pain, stop putting us through this. If something happened to Lauren, and she is no longer with us, let us know, so we can start that grieving process and move forward with our lives,” she said.

If anyone knows anything about what happened to Lauren, please give Cape Coral police a call.

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