Blue-green algal blooms spotted on Alicante Canal

Reporter: Elizabeth Biro Writer: Carolina Guzman

Summer is here, and that means many of us love to head out on the water, but things aren’t looking the prettiest.

On Thursday, the Health Department alerted that blue-green algal blooms were spotted at the Alicante canal.

Warm temperatures and sunny skies are Brad Fisher’s ideal conditions for a boat day. They’re also ideal conditions for blue-green algae to form like Fisher saw on Tuesday.

“There was just the beginning of the green specks on the top of the water. It was really sparse, but you don’t know what’s going to happen, so I wanted to call,” said Fisher, who lives on the canal.

A test confirmed the presence of blue-green algae. The Lee Department of Health issued a caution for the Alicante Canal: Don’t drink, swim or wade.

“It goes away really quickly. It’s just that the runoff from the local basin is what’s getting us after the heavy rain, but it’s been clearing up,” said Fisher.

This stuff that littered the shoreline is not what Ann Thomas wants to see on a day trip to Fort Myers Beach.

“Pretty much disgusting. Very much disgusting, especially for my babies,” said Thomas.

Fort Myers Beach Environmental Manager Chadd Chustz told WINK News there’s nothing to scream about.

“Just a red drift algae has drifted in with the storm event we had this past week,” said Chustz.

WINK News saw crews going around cleaning trash out of it.

“I think sometimes why don’t they come by and scoop it up,” said Eileen Pollard, a Fort Myers Beach regular of 32 years.

According to Chustz, they will if it gets too big, but for now, it’s actually good for the beach.

“It actually kind of stabilizes the beach and gives the sand something to hold on to, reducing erosion and helping build the beach,” said Chustz.

Fort Myers Beach got approved for its new Renourishing Project, so you can expect all-new sand on the beach by Christmas.

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