Charlotte County now requiring condo and co-op inspections for building 25-years or older

Author: Camila Pereira
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On the 3-year anniversary of the Champlain Towers South building collapse in Surfside, FL, many look to remember those lost and continue to learn from the tragedy.

“The milestone inspection legislation,” said Shawn McNulty, building official and floodplain administrator with Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners. “This was legislation put in 2 years ago, mandating condominiums and co-op to get these inspections at 30 years of age and every ten years after that. [Tuesday] we amended the rule to include 25 years within the 3-mile coastline.”

This change aims to ensure that condos and co-ops near the Gulf Coast are secure and stable, specifically from saltwater decay.

But commissioners and the public had their concerns regarding money.

“In other places, they wanted the co-op boards to make sure they had enough money in escrow to be able to pay for problems,” Jeff said during public comment.

“They don’t have the money essentially to do the inspections,” said Bill Truex, District 3 Commissioner of Charlotte County. “So, it is an issue, that obviously we are going to be dealing with at this point.”

Commissioners reminded everyone that condos by the Peace River could also see this damage.

“Charlotte Harbor has saltwater in it, and it’s brackish,” said Christopher Constance, District 2 Commissioner of Charlotte County. “I’m OK with what we are being presented today, but I guess, as inspections go forward in the future, I’d ask the community development to keep a keen eye on that.”

And McNulty said with the data they collect from this year’s inspections, that conversation may soon be brought to the table.

“If we see some sort of trend further inland, we will be bringing it up to the county administration who may or may not bring it up to the county commissioners,” McNulty said.

According to McNulty, these milestone inspections for any buildings 25 years or older, three stories or more, condominium or co-op, and within 3 miles of the coastline will be due by this year on December 31.

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