Representative Spencer Roach weighs in on debate and 2024 presidential election

Reporter: Olivia Jean
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Republican State Representative Spencer Roach sat down with WINK News to discuss all things politics.

He represents House District 76 in the Florida House of Representatives, which is Desoto County and parts of Charlotte County and Lee County.

This debate is a first in history.

“These are the two oldest potential nominees for President. They’re both breaking their own records, and no matter who gets elected, it will be the oldest president in the history of [the] United States,” Roach said.

Roach said if Trump has a bad night, he thinks he will survive. It’s likely Trump supporters won’t change their views on Trump if he doesn’t do well. He said Biden won’t be so lucky.

“The person with the most to lose in this debate is President Biden. Look, they’re both incumbents, incumbent presidents. That’s unusual,” Roach said.

He also thinks our country could pick better leaders and have better leaders.

“I have a hard time believing that in a country of 330 million people, these are the two best candidates that we can find to lead this nation into the middle part of the 21st century. I’m surprised that we could not find on either side, a better candidate to be the standard bearer of these parties,” Roach said.

He continued to say, “I have been not shy about voicing my frustrations with the Republican Party, particularly here in Florida. What I see is an unwillingness to focus on bread and butter kitchen table issues that are facing middle-class Floridians.”

He said today’s politics is now focused on cultural war issues and less meaningful legislation.

WINK News Reporter Olivia Jean asked him what issues are important. Roach said, “This election is going to be in large part about inflation, about the economy, about the price of groceries, about the price of gas. Americans are really hurting. I think we ignore those issues. These are what middle-class independent voters are thinking about, and that’s who’s going to determine the outcome of this election.”

WINK Reporter Olivia Jean sat down exclusively with Representative Spencer Roach

The independent voters will decide who the next president is, Roach said.

“It will come down to about 2 million voters in six states. That’s who’s gonna move the needle on this election,” Roach said.

Roach said he would’ve preferred Governor DeSantis over Trump for the Republican head runner.

“I’m a DeSantis guy. I went to Iowa with Ron DeSantis. I knocked doors for him in 30 degrees below zero. I think that he’s proven to be a very effective executive and manager in the state of Florida,” Roach said.

Roach continued to say, “I regret that the campaign didn’t catch on but in my opinion, I think he would have been a much better standard bearer to represent this party and the nation moving forward.

Roach said he hopes DeSantis will try again in 2028.

WINK News will be airing the presidential debate.

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