Locals gather to protect Jaycee Park

Writer: Elyssa Morataya
Published: Updated:

We will not quit: that is what people are saying who don’t want Jaycee Park in Cape Coral to change.

“There’s no quit in this small group of people. But at the larger cape coral, there’s no quit on this either,” said Robert Sutter, a Cape Coral resident.

A group of supporters showed up at at the event Saturday, dressing trees in the park with yellow ribbons.

Kathleen Lopez is part of the Save the Jaycee Park organization, she says the event was to show thanks to veterans and first responders.

“As a way to honor them for the service they provided to give us that ability to have a free park that we could actually be in and enjoy. And also to draw attention to our trees,” said Lopez.

Yellow ribbons swaying in the wind may not look fierce, but the same can’t be said for those who don’t want the park to change.

They wanted their voices heard, and they didn’t hold back from speaking their truth.

“We want to keep the park as it was intended for the public general, not the public specific not central groups, public general,” said Lopez.

The yellow ribbons aren’t going anywhere, and neither is the fervor these people feel for their park.

Will the park change? That remains to be seen.

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