Ride along State Road 82 with FMPD

Reporter: Olivia Jean
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Monday morning, the Fort Myers Police Department pulled a woman over on SR 82 for going 100 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Fort Myers patrol officer Ryan Beiner caught the woman. She claimed she was late to work. Her actions landed her to get an $1,100 fine.


Hours after giving out the hefty ticket, Officer Beiner took WINK News Reporter Olivia Jean on an exclusive ride along.

He showed just how serious of an issue speeding is on State Road 82, a road that has taken several lives just this year.

WINK News spent less than two hours with Officer Beiner, who pulled over four different cars in that short time period.

Three were for speeding (ranging from 69 mph to 75 mph), and one was for running a red light.

Beiner spends daily on State Road 82 as part of a department effort to focus more on the road.

Officer Beiner. CREDIT: WINK News

FMPD said it’s one of their top five problem roads, which is why they put officers there every day. It’s known for speeding and crashes.

“There’s a lot of people out here that are speeding and aggressively driving, and they are getting into crashes and killing people,” Beiner said.

On average, Beiner pulls over 15-20 cars a day and has pulled over 1,236 thus far this year. By 1:30 p.m., he had already pulled over 16 cars just on SR 82.

One of the vehicles Beiner pulled over was someone with a learner’s permit. He told the young man, “My biggest issue is trying to prevent people from getting hurt out here, and speed is a big issue.”

The young man got two tickets: one for speeding and the other for driving with a learner’s permit without another adult present.

Officer Beiner. CREDIT: WINK News

Two out of the four drivers he pulled over had previous history of speeding or dangerous driving.

Beiner said the highest MPH speeding he has given out is 134 mph. He said crashes could be prevented if people slowed down and followed the speed limit. FMPD says there is a zero tolerance for speeding, especially on a known dangerous road like SR 82.

Beiner describes his job as his “dream job,” stating that he is saving people’s lives every day, which Fort Myers Police Chief Jason Fields echoed.

In the past two weeks, FMPD said they have pulled over 89 cars in the intersection of SR 82 and Colonial.

They also said they remain committed to increasing patrolling on SR 82, as the data shows that with more patrolling, fewer accidents happen, which is their ultimate goal.

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