Charlotte County celebrating Fourth of July despite heat advisory

Reporter: Ashley French
Published: Updated:

The heat advisory in Charlotte County is not stopping folks from celebrating the Fourth of July.

They all wore light colors like red, white, and blue. But most importantly, they carried water.

Folks out at Fishermen’s Village on this Independence Day surely felt the heat.

“It’s hot, but nothing is stopping us from celebrating our independence on this Independence Day,” a neighbor said.

With the sun beaming down, people all made sure to heavily utilize H20, and what better way to celebrate and cool off than to make a stop at Simply Sweet?

“It’s exciting to be in a candy store on the Fourth of July. I mean, it’s a happy celebration,” said Kim Smith, general manager of Simply Sweet.

In light of the occasion, Simply Sweet has Fourth of July Fudge.

But if the savory sweets don’t satisfy your hydration needs, the store is selling water.

Aribille Taylor, who was out for most of the afternoon going into the evening, made sure she stayed cool.

“I got a great freeze coming from Mother Nature, and I’ve got a lovely fan. That’s very patriotic. Keep myself cool. I’ve got a frozen bottle of ice water, and I rub it on my legs and my arms when I’m feeling hot, and I got my hydration water.”

But despite the heat, it’s a good day to celebrate America’s independence.

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