Ford and Edison Winter Estates react to McGregor Blvd. closing

Reporter: Olivia Jean
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Watch out! Construction on McGregor Boulevard between Llewellyn Drive to Larchmont Avenue starts Tuesday morning.

Around one block of McGregor Blvd. will get a new look: brick. The city hopes it will give the road a more historic feel. WINK News spoke with Councilman Liston Bochette Monday morning about the project.

“I just came out of a meeting with the staff, with the Edison directors. And they absolutely enthused and to know that they’ll be able to slow traffic down and designate this as a special area,” Councilman Bochette said.

A representative from Ford and Edison Winter Estates caught up with us on Monday afternoon. Lisa Wilson, the Marketing & Public Relations Director of Ford and Edison Winter Estates said they are excited for the city’s plans to upgrade the portion of the road right in front of their property.

“I think it’s going to look really pretty. It’s supposed to help give more of a historic look, which will be nice. And the city’s idea was that it would help slow traffic down. Because people do tend to drive a little quick down here. So hopefully, the bricks do help slow people down,” Wilson said.

To be clear, this is a city project. The Ford and Edison Winter Estates did not collaborate with the city on its plans. Despite the construction, The Estates will still be open.

“We’re going to remain open the entire time. Even once the road is completely closed, everyone will still be able to access our parking lots from the back. Pedestrians will be able to cross McGregor Boulevard to see the historic side of the site. So, there will still be everything that people can normally see. They’ll still be able to see here,” Wilson said.

To get to the popular tourism spot, you have to go through the back entrance. The Estates posted its detour directions here.

Local drivers aren’t excited about the road closure.

“They need to be kept up 10 weeks; sounds like an awful long time,” Logan Smith said.

“As humans, we don’t like change. So there’s going to be a lot of complaining and a lot of grumbling,” Chad White said.

The Estates are more excited than anything.

“This is our slowest time of the year anyway. And visitors can certainly still enter through the back way. So, I really don’t have any concerns and they’re they’re supposed to be finished before tourist season hits. So, I think it’ll be fine,” Wilson said.

The city has listed several detours:

  • The eastbound/northbound detour will redirect traffic off McGregor Boulevard at Linhart Avenue, continuing to Cortez Boulevard, Monte Vista Street, Marilyn Road/Euclid Avenue and Illinois Avenue, returning to McGregor Boulevard.
  • The westbound/southbound detour will redirect traffic from McGregor Boulevard at Virginia Avenue, continuing to Euclid Avenue/Marilyn Road, Monte Vista Street, Cortez Boulevard and Linhart Avenue, returning to McGregor Boulevard.

The Ford and Edison Estates are open seven days a week 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Regular admission is $25 for a self-guided tour, $30 for a guided tour and on Fridays, they host a farmers market.

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