Donald Trump speaks to voters at rally in Florida

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Former President Donald Trump continues to rally support from his party. On Tuesday, a rally was held in Doral, Florida.

Donald Trump walked onstage, waved at the 45,500 people gathered at his golf club in Doral, and almost immediately reminisced about the presidential debate last month and Joe Biden’s performance.

He didn’t hide his excitement about it either.

“The radical left, Democrat Party is divided in chaos, and having a full-scale breakdown all because they cannot decide which of their candidates is more unfit to be president – Sleepy, Crooked Joe Biden or Laughin’ Kamala. Doesn’t matter who they nominate we are going to beat any one of them,” said Trump.

The former president then challenged the president to an 18-hole golf match at the golf club.

This is another reference to the debate, during which Joe Biden announced he has a 6 handicap, which is quite good in golf.

“This evening, I am also officially challenging crooked Joe to a golf match right here. I’ll even give him 10 strokes aside,” said Trump.

Trump did address the elephant in the room: his highly anticipated choice for Vice President, but he didn’t make any announcement.

Instead, Trump commented on all the media that flocked to the rally.

“I think they’re all thinking I’m gonna announce Marco is VP. That’s why they’re all here, I think,” said Trump.

Before he walked off the stage, Trump reminded his supporters of his time in the White House and told them that if he wins in November, they have more to look forward to.

“Under my leadership we will make America affordable again. Throw out bidenomics and replace it with maganomics. Create best economy in the world,” said Trump. “Will have the horrible war between Russia and Ukraine settled and we will prevent the whole world from World War three and Biden doesn’t have clue.”

So, the question still remains: who will be Trump’s running mate?

All eyes now are on Monday, July 15, when the Republican National Convention begins.

Trump said he would announce his running mate by the end of the 4-day event.

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