Two championships in a month for Jake and Paul Maurice

Author: Zach Oliveri
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It’s safe to say Jake and Paul Maurice heard “We Are The Champions” by Queen a lot over the last few weeks.

Starting with Jake, the play-by-play broadcaster for the Florida Everblades. He hoisted the Kelly Cup for the second straight year.

Jake said, “we wanted to do it on home ice with our fans. And we’re so grateful that we’re able to do it that way.”

Then, a little over two weeks later, Jake’s dad, Florida Panthers head coach Paul Maurice, won his first Stanley Cup.

“Ever since then it’s been an endless party,” Jake said. “Even though obviously not every day as been actual party. But it just keeps getting better and better for both myself and my father.”

As Jake and the Everblades were celebrating the Kelly Cup, Paul and the Panthers won Game 1 of the Stanley Cup FInal. Before Paul talked about the win, he had to congratulate his son, in typical Paul Maurice fashion.

“My kids been in pro hockey two years he has two rings,” Paul told reporters, who started laughing, in his postgame press conference, “possibly unbearable its going to be at my house.”

When asked about that, Jake answered, “just a little bit. I mean you know maybe if it had been the other way around. If he had won first and I won to hop back in front of him by a ring maybe it would’ve been a bit different.”

He added, “I was letting him focus on his work cause I knew what he was trying to do. He let me focus mine because he knew what I was trying to do. So really we’ve left the insufferability part of it to the off-season.”

It took 30 years for Paul to hoist Lord Stanley. His family waited just as long for that moment.

“For mom and dad it’s been 30 years at this right,” Jake said. “For the kids it’s been our entire lives hoping for him to do this. Came so close last year right and to get it done this year was the most special memory I’ve ever had in my life so far.”

When Jake saw his father after the win, he said the two met for a, “huge hug. Trying to crush each others bones basically right and then we talked more on the locker room. But the hug was all we needed there.”

That was when Jake was able to hoist the Stanley Cup himself, a special moment for the father and son.

Jake explained, “Looking at all the legendary names on the Cup right. Guys like Gretzky Messier Scotty Bowman as a coach right. You’re looking at those names and the empty space where your dad’s name is going to go that’s awesome.”

The celebration didn’t stop there. Jake joined the rest of his family for the Panthers’ rain soaked parade on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Jake’s dad stole the show on the mic with his speech and his attire. He wore a shirt with his two cats, Penny and Poppy, put over the Florida Panthers’ logos.

Jake said, “I couldn’t actually hear what he was saying especially the crowd was cheering and talking I knew he was saying good stuff because the crowd was cheering. And watching the video after it was oh yeah it was an awesome all timer as he’s done a number of those in the playoffs. That’s another one from him.”

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