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blue green algae

Update on blue-green algae in Little Lake Michigan Canal

The blue-green algae in the Little Lake Michigan Canal appears to have been broken up by the recent heavy rain. Just because it is no longer visible on the surface, experts say that doesn’t mean that it’s gone. A resident who lives near the canal pointed out the water still has a green tinge, but […]

blue green algae

Lee County Natural Resources monitors blue-green algae bloom growth

The blue-green algae bloom that appears to be growing is getting interest from the state level. Lee County Natural Resources staff said they are continuing to monitor the canal in North Fort Myers where algae is present. Trinity Allen, a Master’s student at FGCU said, “Oh gosh. Okay yeah, that’s pretty thick. Oh yeah, I can […]

Students get back in the field at Vester Field Station

The pandemic shifted both the teaching and learning model these past couple of years at every age. Many still work to fill in the gap of time and lessons lost due to social distance learning. One group in Southwest Florida is getting back on board with their education. Give Chad Evers a choice and he’d […]

horse conch

Horse conch species population drops over last decade

The horse conch species has been in a steady drop in population over the last decade due to human activity. The horse conch is known as the giant band shell has been Florida’s state shell since 1969. WINK News talked to one of the scientists studying the species to see how vulnerable it might be. […]


Water lily festival happening on Saturday and Sunday

Waterlily Weekend is happening Saturday and Sunday at Naples Botanical Garden. Many people look forward to seeing the beauty of tropical plants come to life at the Naples Botanical Garden. This labor day weekend people will see them firsthand as they tour the 170 acres they live at. But there’s more to these blooming beauties […]

Palm trees

Researchers working to protect palm trees from disease known as ‘butt rot’

Palm trees are near as synonymous with Florida as sunshine, and just like people, they can get sick. This is what’s known as butt rot. The mushroom-like conks at the base of a palm tree are the distinguishing symptom and indicate your palm tree can’t be saved. One University of Florida researcher is getting into […]

FWC releases video to educate public on red tide blooms

No one living in Southwest Florida at the time will forget the red tide in 2018. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute created a video on red tide to keep Southwest Florida natives and visitors aware and educated. Fortunately, it’s not because the red tide organism, Karenia brevis, has recently been spotted along our […]

The importance of cypress domes in Southwest Florida

The cypress trees in the wetlands help fight climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, and they can be found across Southwest Florida. Chad Evers, an instructor with the FGCU Department of Ecology and Environmental Studies, led WINK News through the wetlands on the university’s campus. We walked into waist-deep water to show […]

cane toads

Cane toad population on the rise; why they are dangerous

The poisonous cane toads population is on the rise in Southwest Florida. These toads hide in plain sight, in mulch and under bushes but the toxic cane toads can’t escape Scott Flavelle’s quick hands. When the sun goes down, Flavelle with Scott’s Animal Services jumps into action with his flashlight to catch these toads. 15 […]

FGCU Water School

Florida Gulf Coast University opens newly built Water School

Florida Gulf Coast University opens newly built Water School and had its first class on Friday. The Water School came to be during SWFL’s harmful algal bloom crisis in 2018, with professors and students diving into our water quality and its impacts on people and the environment. Trinity Allan, FGCU’s Research Assistant said, “It’s given […]