Professional Experience

1992 to present: Anchor, WINK News.

Awards & Recognition

I've been honored with much recognition, including the "Best News Anchor" in Southwest Florida, the Phi Delta Kappa Lay Person of the Year, the Quill Pen Award from the Florida Association of School Administrators, a "Woman in History" from the American Business Women's Association, the Library Advocate of the Year by the Southwest Florida Library Network and was voted one of the top Women of the Year by Gulf Shore Life Magazine.

News Philosophy

A news organization plays a very important role in society, providing vital information in times of emergency and keeping a close watch on the powerful while, at all times, being fair and accurate.

Hobbies, Interests & Community Service

For more than 15 years I've volunteered as a committee member for the Southwest Florida Reading Festival, helped raise millions of dollars worth of food for the Harry Chapin Food Bank, served on the local board of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and volunteered in area schools by reading to children and mentoring students.


University of Wisconsin.

Likes best about Southwest Florida

There are so many things to love about Southwest Florida. The people, the beaches the sunsets. But if I had to chose one, it would be the weather. We are the envy of much of the country, most of the year, and that's pretty special.


St. Anna, Wis.


Husband, John; son, Nicholas; daughter, Isabella.

Exclusive: Fla. lieutenant governor responds to your biggest questions

The rent is due tomorrow, the mortgage has to be paid, many of you are out of work and you can’t get through to the state unemployment office. You’ve called us and written in, expressing your frustrations, so we went to Florida’s lieutenant governor to get some answers. We also spoke with Lt. Gov. Jeanette […]

School counselor says a powerful tool for relaxation is within you

Online learning started Monday for more students in Southwest Florida. For parents, teachers, and students who may be stressed, one school counselor has a simple suggestion — breathe. It’s a message she Naples Park Elementary School counselor Julie Frizzi can no longer deliver in person. She wants students, parents, and teachers to hit the pause […]

Estero mom holds driveway workouts for neighbors

Keeping our minds and bodies healthy is important during times of mounting stress. One Estero mother is doing what she can to help her neighbors do just that – by offering driveway workouts. Nine months ago, Jordan Paul gave birth to a girl. While she can normally work from home, the coronavirus had her feeling […]

Dash cam video shows final moments of Florida trooper’s life

New video shows the final moments of Florida Trooper Joseph Bullock’s life. Florida Highway Patrol released the dash cam recording Friday from Bullock’s cruiser, as he drove up to the man who would ultimately kill him. Watch the video above for the full story by WINK News Anchor Lois Thome, who takes a look at […]

WINK Feeds Families Hunger Walk kicks off annual fundraiser

Fundraising is now underway for the WINK Feeds Families Hunger Walk, to be held in January. This is the 11th year WINK has partnered with our community to feed those in need in Southwest Florida and last year we raised $345,000. Tuesday we kicked off the event and celebrated our sponsors who’ve assisted in helping […]

Study shows television could affect kids’ physical and emotional health

Kids between ages two and five spend on average 32 hours a week in front of a TV. Some parents find it convenient to put a television in their child’s room. But a new study shows that might not be good for kids’ physical or emotional health later on. Are screens scattered throughout your house? […]

Former newsman shares insights into Mueller report

While lawmakers in Washington D.C. continue to digest the details of the Mueller report, a Southwest Florida man gave us new insight into the man responsible for it. Bob Orr knows Robert Mueller. Orr worked 40 years as a reporter and network correspondent. The last eight years of his career, Orr covered the U.S. Justice […]

Toddler offers parent a cookie. (Ivanhoe Newswire photo)

Do conversations with toddlers work?

You’ll always remember the first word your child blurts out; whether it’s Mamma, Dadda, cat, dog, or ball. Then in what seems like no time at all, your toddler is forming phrases and sentences. Now, scientists say parents have the unique and critical opportunity to help sharpen their child’s language skills in the very first […]