Dunbar sludge lawsuit against City of Fort Myers tossed out by federal judge

A federal lawsuit against the City of Fort Myers over the damages from Dunbar sludge has been tossed out on Monday afternoon. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs were demanding $500 million for dumping toxic sludge in the Dunbar community. Neighbors claimed the former sludge site made them sick. The sludge caused arsenic levels to rise […]

Dunbar toxic sludge site set to come to life as new park

The sludge is gone, and now the people living near what was once a toxic dumping ground in Dunbar can see what it will become. “It would put life on this road and on this whole community,” said Annie Freeman, who lives in the area. People like Freeman got their first look at the plan […]

Dunbar sludge site (WINK news drone)

Dunbar residents say damage already done despite sludge removal

The sludge is gone. Arsenic levels in the soil now measure at safe levels. But still, those living at the S St sludge site in Dunbar say the damage is done. Luetricia Becker has lived in the Dunbar neighborhood all of her life. She said the site has existed for as long as she can […]

Dunbar community near sludge site scores major step forward in lawsuit

A big win for the Dunbar community living around the sludge site in Fort Myers. Their lawsuit against the city takes a major step forward with legal action over a problem that’s been years in the making. WINK News anchor Britni McDonald explains what they’re demanding and why this means so much. Watch the video […]

Plan B: Dunbar sludge to be shipped to Polk County

After being rejected by several other counties, the toxic sludge from Dunbar will now be shipped to Polk County. The Fort Myers city managers office released a memo Friday saying that they now intend to ship the toxic sludge to Clark Environmental, Inc. in Mulberry. MORE: Contaminated sludge from 1960s slowly removed from Dunbar neighborhood Clark […]

Drone view of portions of the Dunbar Sludge. Photo via WINK News.

Neighbors near Dunbar sludge site worry toxins will affect their health

Many in Dunbar, like Rickey Rogers, now worry the wind is blowing dirt from these huge mounds at the sludge site as it spreads toxins throughout the community. “They need to get it right,” Rogers said. “We need to clean this up and start on the right foot. I need to get done to the […]

Contaminated sludge from 1960s slowly removed from Dunbar neighborhood

Last year, residents discovered a sludge site contained the hazardous chemical arsenic. It originated from a water treatment plant and got dumped into a local site in the 1960s for almost a decade. Now, the City of Fort Myers has begun to remove this residential health hazard. However, the highly-anticipated removal of contaminated sludge from […]

City to start removing toxic sludge from Dunbar field

Residents in the Dunbar community received a letter on their doorsteps notifying them that trucks will be at the field to start removing the arsenic-tainted sludge that has been there since the 1960s. Just last year, Dunbar resident Ruth Sapp found out this old contaminated dump site existed, just houses away from her after living in […]

City of Fort Myers releases cleanup plans for Dunbar sludge site

The City of Fort Myers released plans Wednesday to remove and dispose of lime sludge at a Dunbar site. The city used a nearly 4-acre field to dump sludge for about a decade in the 1960s. Arsenic was discovered at the site in 2007, and in the groundwater there in 2012, but those results didn’t […]

Fort Myers responds to FDEP in regards to Dunbar sludge site

The City of Fort Myers sent a letter to the Department of Environmental Protection laying out where it stands and what’s next for the Dunbar sludge site. The city said on Wednesday it’s committed to the voluntary clean-up of the lime sludge, but is still pursuing negotiations related to several disposal options. The city expects […]