Mary Cricco

Cape Coral woman celebrated with surprise 90th birthday party

There is a time to be humble and a time to celebrate. “She told me, ‘mom didn’t want a big party,’” said Tony, who flew in from New Hampshire to celebrate his mom, Mary Cricco. “She’s not good at being in the limelight. So for her to be here like this, for her, it’s oh, […]

Southwest Florida’s ‘Fairy Pod Mother’ works to protect dolphins, wildlife

A blue kayak paddling through San Carlos Bay sometimes means the Fairy Pod Mother is on the water. Monica Lynn moved to her home on the bay from Ohio seven years ago. “Isn’t this place paradise? I mean where can you go to see bald eagles, osprey, manatees, dolphins, rays, sharks, everything,” Lynn said. The […]

Naples man scores two royal straight flushes in two weeks

You are five times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to score a royal straight flush in poker. A resident of The Pineapple House at Sapphire Lakes Assisted Living in Naples said he beat those odds not just once but twice in the Aces Game Room. Bob Hopp’s friends say they […]

Ham radio operators: A long-lasting technology

With all the changes and advancements in technology, it is remarkable to see one particular hobby last more than 100 years even in times of trouble. That’s amateur radio. From his home in Punta Gorda, Marty Purselley can communicate with other ham radio operators all over the world. “We can see England, Puerto Rico. We […]

Pool of Yuck

Bonita Springs principal inspires students with a memorable fundraising reward

The Pool of Yuck is a reward for a job well done for students at Bonita Springs Charter School. “I am looking forward to this. This is going to be very fun,” said Keira Thompson, a fourth-grader at Bonita Springs Charter School (BSCS). Principal Carissa Carroll gave students a little motivation to raise $50,000 for […]

All-amputee baseball team Louisville Slugger Warriors to play in Naples Saturday

The Louisville Slugger Warriors traveled to Naples, Florida to play a doubleheader against the SWFL Naples All-Star Team on Memorial Day weekend. Pitching Coach Len Whitehouse and Head Coach Curtis Pride have a combined 40 years of professional baseball experience with 16 years in the major leagues. The former players turned coaches travel the country, […]

Criminal defense attorney Malcam Godwin

Powerlifting Fort Myers criminal defense attorney inspires

Sometimes in life, we have to play the cards we are dealt. Criminal defense attorney Malcam Godwin didn’t get the best hand growing up but he made a decision early in life to be the change he wanted to see in the world. “I was an undergrad at Flagler College. An unfortunate incident happened with […]

Naples veteran turns to lessons of WWII to speak on Ukraine-Russia War

Out of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II, an estimated 240,000 are still alive. Lt. Col. George Beshara, now 103 years old, is one of them. He was born during World War I and fought in World War II. Beshara, who lives in Naples, joined the Army Air Forces in 1942. […]