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Large seaweed blob floating toward Florida coast

A large seaweed blob known as “sargassum” is floating toward Florida. Southwest Florida has seen it happen nearly every year for the past decade, but this year it’s enormous. Scientists said the blob seen from satellite images is enough to fill 3,000 Olympic-sized pools. As of Monday evening, the sargassum is in the Caribbean Sea […]

City of Cape Coral continues green algae canal cleanup

Crews are cleaning six Cape Coral canals covered with gunky, green algae that won’t go away. The city hired the company to work on the project and they say they’re on track to finish by Friday. The city also said green algae is difficult to remove, which isn’t a miracle solution. This canal system is […]

Matlacha algae 3.31

Calusa Waterkeeper on what to know about macroalgae at Matlacha

A stench is coming from algae in one part of Southwest Florida. And now, that smell is affecting businesses and fishing. The Calusa Waterkeeper is arming you with what you need to know about this algae. Unsightly, algae is all too common during this time of year. And while the look is one thing, the […]

sink water

Tips for water conservation as aquifers run dry

Right now, everyone is being asked to do their part to help conserve water. This is because aquifers are currently running low. And, since rainy season is months away, it may be some time before we see any relief. The South Florida Water Management District is asking everyone to conserve water. Randy Smith is with […]

Mysterious pollution in Caloosahatchee in Hendry County

Mysterious pollution flowing into the Caloosahatchee is gone but there are questions about where the dirty water is coming from because this isn’t the first time. It’s a mystery that’s got environmental investigating. The chocolatey brown water photographed by a volunteer has Calusa Waterkeeper John Cassani worried. The picture shows the dirty stuff flowing into […]

Into the wild: Inspiring Collier County students to become environmental stewards

Collier County students are stepping into the outdoors as their classroom, to learn about the unique ecosystems here in Southwest Florida. Under the canopy of Big Cypress National Preserve, Pine Ridge Middle School students get their feet wet while learning about the different facets of life in the preserve. From water and soil to weather, […]

Senate bill could set stage for fight over water quality

A fight over the future of our water quality is brewing. A bill in the Florida Senate would make requirements to release state money for water projects. Some believe this could threaten the fight for clean water. There is clear opposition to the bill – from Governor DeSantis to water management to clean water advocates, […]