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Blue-green algae: What you need to know

If you lived in or visited Southwest Florida in 2018, you may be familiar with the term “blue-green algae.” LINK: Report blue-green algae to the Florida DEP Those who experienced the blue-green algae bloom may recall the sight of green gunk in the water, the smell, or the effect it had on businesses. The bloom […]

Explained: What is the water crisis Southwest Florida is battling?

Water is Florida’s most precious resource. It not only surrounds our state, but it also connects communities within Florida. Florida’s unique landscape is made up of wetlands, beaches, swamps, and forests; all of which play a crucial role in the well-being and character of our state. We depend on water for the health of our […]

Red tide: What you need to know

Fast Facts: Karenia Brevis is the organism that forms red tide. Experts say red tide begins naturally; However, human activities have the potential to influence red tide. Red tide is poisonous to wildlife and can be deadly. ‘Brevetoxin,’ which is found in red tide, is what causes people to cough and have respiratory irritation. The […]