Investigating Donald Trump’s 2018 Florida governor’s election fraud claims

Commissioner Nikki Fried called on the Department of Justice to investigate former President Donald Trump’s actions in the 2018 Florida elections after Trump posted a string of claims about the election on social media. In the letter Fried wrote, she said there was no widespread election fraud in 2018 and adds it’s a serious charge […]

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s claims involving DeSantis

There is a feud between Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump brewing. It began just days after the election. Trump posted a string of criticisms against DeSantis on his “Truth Social” account. But, he mainly focused on the 2018 election and what he claimed kept DeSantis on top. There’s nothing new about politicians […]

What is and isn’t allowed at voting sites?

There are just four days left to submit your ballot for the 2022 Election. WINK News has received a lot of questions about what is and isn’t allowed at voting sites. One of them was from Lori in North Fort Myers, who emailed WINK News and said she saw “an old beater can in the […]

Will the governor’s claims of illegal voting hurt felon’s chances of rights restoration

A Florida elections chief absolves counties responsible for felons accused of voting illegally. It comes after Governor Ron DeSantis said there were at least 20 felons who illegally voted in some counties in Florida. Those 20 felons are facing third-degree felony charges. The deputy director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition said the governor’s comments […]

Trust & Verify: Florida is one of the top 5 states for banned books

The term ‘book ban’ has grown in popularity over the past year. The term refers to the books that groups want, or have pulled from public school libraries due to the content within them. According to one viral image, Florida is helping to lead the way in banning books, and it is true. The image […]

Trust & Verify: Severe shortage of home health aides

It is the same search with the same empty results for weeks. Marjorie Buglione-Bone is looking for a home health aide to assist her 90-year-old mother. “With the aide, when she was here, I left with peace of mind. I don’t leave with peace of mind now,” said Buglione-Bone. She called it a revolving door […]

Trust & Verify: Does the omicron COVID-19 variant produce false negatives on tests?

Do the omicron variants of COVID-19 produce false negatives on rapid COVID-19 tests? That’s the rumor circulating on social media, but is it true? Trust and Verify reporter Lisa Hutson has the answer. The omicron variants of covid 19 began popping up in late 2021 and brought with them a flurry of questions about testing. […]

Trust and Verify: Answering your questions about US oil reserves

The Biden administration announced last week that it would be tapping into America’s strategic petroleum reserves in order to curb high gas prices. WINK News’ Trust and Verify reporter Lisa Hutson answers your questions about the move. Strategic petroleum reserves are stockpiles of crude oil maintained by countries like the U.S. WINK News turned to […]

Trust & Verify: Southwest Florida politicians on Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, lawmakers in Washington face off in political battles over how to stop Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Trust and Verify looked into what our local Southwest Florida representatives are saying about the situation in Ukraine. They include Florida Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott along with Republican congressmen Byron Donalds, […]

Trust & Verify: High gas prices are not price gouging

Filling up on gas can be downright depressing right now. With prices more than $4 a gallon, it’s understandable why some are calling it highway robbery. Is there price gouging happening in Southwest Florida? According to Florida’s Attorney General’s Office, in order for something to be considered price gouging, the price hike must happen during […]