Daughter follows footsteps of her father by driving monster trucks

After carving out his own path in the monster truck world, Shane Phreed has opened the door for his kids, and they’re ready to take on the challenge.

Faith Phreed, 14, got hooked on monster trucks after hearing the engine roar. She’s most comfortable behind the wheel of her truck named Animal House. However, it’s a different story when she’s on the streets.

“I don’t have any desire to be on the road or drive cars on the road. It’s like, terrifying to me,” said Faith.

Another sound she doesn’t get sick of is when Faith gets introduced as the world’s youngest monster truck driver.

“It just blows my mind when I hear that announcer say it every weekend,” said Faith.

The North Fort Myers teenager put on her racing helmet for the first time in Aruba about a year ago, when Hurricane Ian hit. Monster truck drivers couldn’t make it to an event there, so Shane had an idea.

“I always carry a spare race suit with me. So I’m like well let’s put her in it because she has some aspects of what’s going on. So we put my suit on her duct tape put pillows in the seat,” said Shane.

“I was so nervous I almost cried. I think I did cry,” said Faith.

“By the end of the weekend, she actually won her first freestyle,” said Shane.

“They had named me queen of Aruba,” said Faith.

Ever since then, she hasn’t slowed down one bit. It’s been a bit easier because her dad is helping her every step along the way.

“I find the love of the sport again because I get to experience it with her,” said Shane.

Faith’s goal is to follow the same path as her dad.

“I’m definitely going to work nonstop till I’m old enough to go to monster jam. I mean that is the definite goal,” said Faith.

At 14 years old, Faith can do much more than drive an enormous monster truck, considering she’s already a high school graduate.