Sanctuary for older dogs raising money to install turf area

Shep’s Place, a sanctuary for senior dogs, has started a fundraiser to build a new artificial turf area for its canine residents. Lady, a 15-year-old terrier, has a hard time walking on uneven and hard surfaces. “Four out of the five dogs we currently have have hip issues, leg issues. It’s very hard for them […]

FILE: Gopher tortoises attacked by dogs, recovering at Peace River Wildlife Center. (Credit: WINK News/FILE)

After Charlotte County neighbors oppose, animal sanctuary seeks new site

The Peace River Wildlife Center wants to open a new sanctuary near Taylor Rd., but people who live there have concerns their community will become a zoo. Injured birds and small mammals at the Peace River Wildlife Center need a new place to heal. Keith Hilgenfeldt loves the passion it has for the animals it […]