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DeSantis signs protest bill as controversy continues

Flanked by uniformed law-enforcement officers, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed into law a controversial law-and-order measure sparked by nationwide protests that erupted last year after George Floyd’s death. The law, which went into effect immediately, creates a new crime of “mob intimidation,” enhances riot-related penalties and makes it harder for local officials to reduce […]

Florida legislature

Florida’s ‘anti-riot’ bill faces uncertain fate in Senate

The Florida House on Friday approved a measure that would stiffen penalties against violent protesters, but momentum for the so-called ‘anti-riot’ bill could slow down considerably — maybe even come to a screeching halt, as lawmakers approach the midway point of their two-month session. With the number of weeks left before the Legislature’s scheduled adjournment […]

Florida House of Representatives passes ‘anti-riot’ bill

State lawmakers passed a controversial bill known as the “Combating Violence, Disorder, and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act” Friday afternoon in Florida’s Capitol. HB 1 has also become known as an “anti-rioting” bill. The bill expands who can be charged as a felon during protests and gives law enforcement broader arresting powers. It also makes […]

Florida House committee weighs new rules for voting by mail

A Florida House committee takes up its own effort to rewrite vote-by-mail rules Monday, as Republicans push to enhance “ballot security” — despite no evidence of widespread problems — while Democrats and voter rights advocates say the election-related proposals before lawmakers would be costly and will make it harder for some Floridians to vote. The […]