Those recovered from COVID-19 donate plasma at North Collier fire station

Those who have recovered from the coronavirus have the chance helping others going through the same thing. “I don’t know where I got it,” Gloria Bordeaux said. Bordeaux is testing for antibodies after recovering from COVID- 19 “It was very mild. I hardly knew I had it,” Bordeaux said. “I stayed at home for two […]

OneBlood tests blood donations for coronavirus antibodies

OneBlood is now testing all of its blood donations for coronavirus antibodies. The Florida-based blood center said not only will you save three lives, but you can find out if you had the virus before and if so, could save coronavirus patients’ lives. You can make an appointment at any OneBlood location, such as the […]

Doctors want plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients

A cutting edge treatment program against the coronavirus begins Monday in Southwest Florida. It’s all about plasma, a component found in everyone’s blood. If you had the coronavirus and recovered, Lee Health and NCH would like you to donate plasma. It could help other COVID-19 patients recover sooner. There’s no guarantee but doctors say it […]