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Meet the team of dogs rescuing koalas injured in Australia’s fires

Koalas have been hit particularly hard by Australia’s raging bushfires. One Australian has turned to a familiar friend to help the animals – dogs. CBS News followed three special canines, Tommy, Emma and Becky, and their trainer Steve Austin, as they searched scorched land for injured but still living koalas. It is estimated that a third […]

Owen is carefully crafting koalas for a cause. (Credit: CBS Boston)

6-year-old boy making clay koalas to raise money for Australian wildlife

He’s only 6 years old, but Owen Colley is determined to make a difference by helping animals threatened by the wildfires devastating parts of Australia. He’s doing it in a way only a child can: by sculpting one koala at a time. “We’re making little, clay koalas to help the animals that have been hurt […]