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Wear that crown: Black women embrace their natural hair

Women go to beauty salons to make important decisions. What color? Which haircut? What hairstyle? Black salon owners have noticed a shift in how Black women choose to wear their hair. More often, Black women are embracing their natural hair and leaving behind chemical straighteners. But wearing natural curls, braids or locs can lead to […]

At Franklin Park Elementary School, teachers celebrate Black history with books

Every day, teachers and staff at Franklin Park Elementary School in Fort Myers make sure their students know who they are. And during Black History Month, teachers step it up. “We just want our students to know that you are more than welcome to soar on the wings of our ancestors,” said Tamara Joy Hunter, […]

Fort Myers Black history exhibit links Civil Rights Movement with Black Lives Matter

Every Black History Month, the Lee County Black History Society picks a new theme for the Williams Academy Black History Museum in Fort Myers. The 2021 exhibit parallels the Civil Rights Movement with the Black Lives Matter protests. It walks you through the landmark laws and milestones form the Civil Rights Movement all the way […]