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In this March 2017, photo, provided by Rep. Kimberly Dudik, Dudik speaks on the floor of the legislature holding her newborn son Marcutio in Helena, Mont. As experts predict another banner year of women running for office, hurdles remain particularly for those like Dudik who have young children. Only six states have laws specifically allowing the use of campaign funds for child care. In most states, including Montana, the law is silent on the issue and up to interpretation by state agencies or boards. (Rep. Nate McConnell/Rep. Kimberly Dudik via AP)

Should Florida politicians be able to allocate your campaign donations to childcare?

Experts predict a significant amount of women will run for public office this year but they have no one to watch their children while campaigning. While those running for federal offices can use donations to cover child care costs, only a handful of states, which does not include Florida, allows it. We put a question […]