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CollierCARES announces they’re reopening applications starting Monday

A second chance at funds and assistance that so many families and small businesses need. For individuals to qualify for the funds, they must be full-time Collier County residents and behind on basic payments such as rent or mortgage. For businesses, they must be located within Collier County and employ 50 people or fewer. Those […]

CollierCARES reopens applications for individuals, families, businesses affected by pandemic

CollierCARES is reopening applications to both individual and family households, as well as small businesses that need assistance from impacts by the pandemic. Applications for both assistance programs reopen 8 a.m. Monday, Oct. 19 and close at noon Monday, Nov. 2. Qualified applicants must apply online at CollierFLCARES.com. To be eligible for short-term household assistance, […]

Collier County opens CARES Act applications on Monday

Collier County on Monday will start to offer one-time grants to small businesses hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic with money the county received through the CARES Act. Businesses can apply online through the CollierCARES Relief Funding Program. Criteria include small business owners with locations in Collier County who employ 50 or fewer full-time employees. […]