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Taking a page from the military on cancer screenings

Colon cancer patients in the U.S. military health care system have a better chance of survival than the general population. We looked at a situation when cancer survival is connected to the cost of treatment. During her time as a U.S. Navy reservist, Wenora Johnson, took her health seriously, so when asked to do a […]

Survivor urges people not to postpone cancer screenings during pandemic

Nationally, cancer screenings dropped anywhere from 86% to 94% during the pandemic. A woman in Fort Myers we spoke to says catching cancer early could save your life because it saved hers. Sharon Pollock is a survivor of colon cancer, and her husband’s actions might have saved her life. “My husband kind of got on […]

Health panel proposes colon cancer tests start at 45, not 50

A panel of health experts wants U.S. adults to start getting colon cancer screenings at age 45, five years younger than it previously recommended. While overall, colon cancer rates have been declining, the draft guidelines issued Tuesday by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force reflect a growing concern about rising rates in people under the […]

Actor’s death raises awareness for colon cancer; survivor shares her experience

Actor Chadwick Boseman recently died of colon cancer at the age of 43. He was known for portraying a number of legendary heroes in film who were both non-fictional and fictional. And Boseman died a hero himself. We look at how Boseman’s death is now raising awareness for colon cancer. We also spoke to a […]