How much is too much to pay for the new FMPD headquarters?

Would you pay twice as much for anything as you did just three years ago? As Fort Myers begins work on a new police station planned before the pandemic, we wanted to know if it will cost much more than originally planned and how much of your tax money elected leaders are willing to spend. […]

Lumber prices fall after pandemic shortages

Good news for all the builders and families trying to make ends meet: prices of lumber are starting to go “timber” after unprecedented spikes related to pandemic shortages. The price went from $1,600 per thousand feet during COVID-19 to about $200 less, a decrease of around 10 to 11%. Many people are moving to Southwest […]


Construction projects paused as material costs increase

Construction workers and companies are facing challenges during the pandemic trying to finish their projects. Back-ordered items have workers waiting months to finish their projects. In some cases, prices skyrocket up 400% during that waiting period. Six weeks down, six months to go. Caryn Huff-Sufferling is overseeing the construction of Charlotte County’s New Transit Facility […]

SWFL construction faces further delays due to material shortage

New home builds are facing another round of major delays, but not because of the pandemic; U.S. factories that make things like PVC pipe, latex and metals were shut down for weeks during winter storms. Joseph Cimilluca, contractor and division director with Stevens Construction in Fort Myers, says residential construction is impacted the most. But […]


Rising construction costs may prevent you from having your dream home built

Lumber and other construction supplies have gotten so expensive that some builders won’t build you a new home right now. Countless homes are under construction in places like Cape Coral but no one is working on them. Not because of a shortage of desire but a shortage of materials. On one Cape Coral block, there […]