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2 downtown Fort Myers businesses hit with counterfeit money

Counterfeit cash has made its way into a couple Southwest Florida businesses recently. Bahia Bowls in downtown Fort Myers is one of them. Surveillance video caught the moment a fake bill was handed over to the cashier. This happened steps away from Scoops on First where that same suspect in a green shirt is seen […]

BBB says watch out for counterfeit Inauguration Day online merchandise

With most people unable to go to the presidential inauguration this year, you might want to remember the event with some souvenirs. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, a concert, a pair of sneakers, or Inauguration Day souvenirs, counterfeit goods are rampant, costing hundreds of billions of dollars each year, and often giving the consumer a […]

Culver’s in Collier County says it was also hit with counterfeit money

Two businesses in Collier County say they were targeted by crooks recently. They both say it happened the same day. Customers went to the businesses and paid with fake cash. A Culver’s location Tuesday says two men tried to pay for food in counterfeit bills recently, the same day we previously reported Brooks Burgers said […]

Naples restaurateur warns of counterfeit money used at his locations

Businesses want their customers back. They’ve been struggling since the pandemic began. A business owner in Southwest Florida is warning others about a crook who is targeting their comeback. Someone is passing off fake cash. The owner hopes this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Owner Todd Brooks of Brooks Burgers in Naples says a crook […]

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Agents announce seizure of suspected counterfeit Apple AirPods that are actually OnePlus Buds

Like most Apple products, the company’s wireless earbuds, the Apple AirPods, have prompted a number of copycat designs. US Customs and Border Protection announced on Sunday night that it had seized what it thought was a shipment of counterfeit Apple AirPods. Unfortunately for CBP, based on the photos it shared, the items are OnePlus Buds, which are a legitimate […]