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COVID surge continues to overwhelm NCH intensive care unit

COVID-19 cases are surging and one Southwest Florida hospital is really struggling. Doctors and nurses at NCH Healthcare System are overwhelmed. For nearly two weeks now, NCH’s intensive care units overflowed with COVID-19 patients. On Wednesday, there are 61 people with only 45 beds. Across its hospital, NCH is caring for 209 patients who tested […]

DeSantis at odds with doctors over mask mandate, children in hospitals

Gov. Ron DeSantis is doubling down on his stance against mask mandates, but doctors are firm on their position too, saying that children are suffering from COVID-19. During a press conference in Surfside on Tuesday morning, DeSantis pointed to stats saying the delta variant is not causing more kids to get very sick. “You’ve not […]

NCH breaks record for number of admitted COVID-19 patients

COVID hospital admissions at NCH broke a record on Wednesday with 149 patients currently being treated at their hospitals after testing positive. The patients range in age from 17 to 100, with a median of 57. Of the total number of patients, 123, or about 83%, are unvaccinated, according to figures published on the hospital […]