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at-home COVID-19 test

Amazon, Kroger and Walmart to offer cheaper rapid COVID-19 tests

The ability to quickly check whether one is infected with COVID-19 is about to get easier and less expensive, with Amazon, Kroger and Walmart each set to offer within days at-home, rapid tests — with no retailer price markups, according to the Biden administration. “Americans will be able to buy these tests at their local retailers […]

Bayfront Health Urgent Care asks public to find COVID-19 testing elsewhere

Many hospitals are so overwhelmed they’re begging the public not to head to the emergency room for COVID-19 testing. Urgent Care centers are also feeling the pressure. Bayfront Health Urgent Care, in Cape Coral, put out a warning Tuesday night to not go there for COVID-19 tests. Some health care centers are feeling the crunch […]


As Lee County COVID cases go up, so does need for testing but options remain low

COVID-19 cases are surging. But as cases increase, it seems opportunities to get tested for COVID-19 are not. Many viewers are frustrated over how difficult it is to get a COVID test. Appointments can take days to secure and then a few more days for results. The shelves at drugstores holding at-home tests are bare. […]

The slow process to getting rapid COVID-19 tests approved by the FDA

A top national scientist speaks out against the FDA, saying the agency is too slow to push out new COVID-19 tests leading to outbreaks and costing us lives. Now, the FDA responds. When the pandemic began, Owen Kaye-Kauderer and his team knew how to help. Kaye-Kauderer is the Cofounder and Chief Business Officer of Detect. […]

covid test vending machine

Company offering COVID-19 test kits via vending machines

Americans will soon find a new vending machine item in grocery stores, shopping malls, airports and subway stations around the country: at-home test kits for COVID-19. Startup Wellness 4 Humanity has partnered with medical device company Spectrum Solutions and the software and technology services company Swyft to offer COVID-19 testing kits for sale through the contact-free […]

Illinois woman finds apparent COVID test in Kohl’s package

An Illinois woman who ordered flags for her grandmother’s garden got a surprise when the package arrived — someone’s apparent COVID-19 test specimen. Andrea Ellis was wrapping Christmas gifts at her aunt’s house in East Moline, in northwestern Illinois, when she opened a padded envelope containing the flags she ordered weeks ago from the department […]

centurylink testing site

Long lines at CenturyLink’s COVID-19 testing site just before the holidays

Monday, CenturyLink Sports Complex was packed with people waiting in line for COVID-19 tests before their family gatherings this week. But are people really feeling safe to gather and travel after a negative test result? Some say yes others say that those results are just a snapshot in time. All in all, many students, parents […]

Doctor: Wait a few days after Thanksgiving before getting COVID-19 test

As Florida edges closer to reporting 1 million cases of COVID-19, health experts are saying you should get tested if you traveled for Thanksgiving or spent a lot of time around people. However, they say there’s no need to rush out today for a test, but rather wait three to five days after potential exposure. […]

At-home COVID-19 testing could help in fight against pandemic

Quicker and more accessible testing is key to controlling the coronavirus until vaccines are ready. At-home tests meant to do that are on the sidelines right now, still awaiting approval. More than 100,000 new cases are being reported across the country every day, and that number is climbing. “Give it another two weeks after that […]

migrant workers

State announces testing in migrant worker communities but not in Immokalee

The State of Florida is introducing a new program to ramp up testing in migrant worker communities. But during the busy fall harvest season, this doesn’t include Immokalee. Migrant workers are flocking to Immokalee for the November harvest. Which could be considered putting your life at risk in the time of coronavirus. “We are treated […]