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Biden meets with activists as U.S. sanctions Cuban police force

President Biden met with Cuban American activists at the White House on Friday, after weeks of Cubans taking to the streets to protest their communist government leadership. Shortly before the meeting, the Treasury Department announced new sanctions against the Cuban police force and its leaders for cracking down on protesters. “I want the Cuban Americans to […]

5 boats head to international waters in flotilla to show support for Cuban people

A small flotilla of Cuban-Americans and their supporters took off from Miami on Friday to international waters. Five boats left Bayside Marina with the intention to stop in Key West, refuel and check in with the U.S. Coast Guard before sailing towards Cuba. The group will stop just 15 nautical miles from Havana as they […]

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People gather at Fort Myers restaurant in support of Cuban liberation

It’s been one week since people began taking to the streets in order to support the Cuban people in their fight against communism. On Sunday, dozens of people gathered at La Parilla Boricua in Fort Myers. But, to understand today’s protests, we need to understand Cuba’s history. Joe Beene came to Fort Myers from Lehigh […]

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Protestors on Sanibel want ‘Freedom for Cuba’

Rain or shine, people have been taking to the streets and using their voices to show support for the people of Cuba. Earlier on Saturday, many came out to show what “Freedom for Cuba” means to them. Those three words mean so much to the people who lined the streets on Sanibel. They shouted for […]

Could US balloons, technology power uncensored internet in Cuba?

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis called this week on the President Biden administration to greenlight a plan to transmit the internet to people in Cuba via high-altitude balloons when their government has blocked access. Can the internet be delivered by balloon? Yes. For years, Alphabet — the parent company of Google — worked to perfect […]

Cuba’s leader lays some blame for protests on his government

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel for the first time is offering some self-criticism while saying that government shortcomings in handling shortages and other problems played a role in this week’s protests. But in a televised address Wednesday night he also called on Cubans to not act with hate — a reference to the violence that occurred […]

Cuban community in SWFL worries for family back on the island

Michel Sarduy felt a sigh of relief when he finally got through to his daughter in Cuba after three days of trying. For Southwest Florida Cubans, communicating with family back home has proven difficult as the communist government has controlled the internet and communications. His daughter told him she had no idea how the rest […]

What’s next for Cuba?

From bakeries to coffee shops, Cuba’s influence is all over Southwest Florida. Now Cuban businesses like Cafeteria El Chocolate are using their food to send a message. What do protestors in SWFL and on the island want to happen? Many Cuban-Americans say they are fighting for a better future and better living conditions for those […]

Miami demonstrators block highway to support Cuban protests

Demonstrators expressing solidarity with the thousands of Cubans who waged a rare weekend of protests around their island nation shut down a stretch of a major South Florida expressway Tuesday. The large group gathered at a busy Miami intersection chanting support for the Cubans, who had taken to the streets of several communities around the […]