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DEO introduces new tool to verify identity following cyberattack

A cyberattack on Florida’s unemployment website is keeping tens of thousands of people from logging into their accounts. But a new tool aims to fix that. It’s called “D-E-O Verify” and it provides a way for people to confirm their identity to get back into the Connect website. However, many worry this problem won’t disappear. […]

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State emails out new tool to unlock unemployment accounts after cyberattack

A cyberattack is causing more issues with the unemployment system. The state has released a new tool to combat it, not long after a data breach that’s kept thousands of people from their benefits. Florida Department of Economic Opportunity says its new tool will help people verify their identities to get back in. It’s called […]

State says data breached in unemployment system, impacts thousands

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity confirmed with WINK News Friday claimant accounts were breached during potentially fraudulent activity within the CONNECT unemployment system recently. According to DEO, it discovered July 16 that “information contained in the claimant account may have been accessed, including the following: Social Security number, driver’s license number, bank account numbers, claim […]

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Fraud victims can’t get through to state after crooks steal their unemployment benefits

UPDATE: After this story aired, a representative from DEO responded with the following statement in an email. “The Reemployment Assistance program currently has 22 staff members dedicated to investigating Reemployment Assistance fraud. This does not include other areas within the Department, such as the Office of Inspector General, that also investigates Reemployment Assistance fraud. Additionally, […]

Floridians remain frustrated with state unemployment system

Widespread problems are coming from Florida Department of Economic Opportunity as people continue to battle the unemployment system. The state promised things were getting better, since the pandemic overwhelmed the website and kept people from their payments. It might feel like a broken record at this point, but the question remains: How is this still […]

State encourages Floridians to ‘return to work’ with new initiative

The state wants Floridians to get back to work. Florida Department of Economic Opportunity launched the “Return to work” initiative Wednesday, encouraging people who are collecting unemployment benefits to reenter the workforce. DEO Secretary Dane Eagle said some companies struggling to hire call this the “new pandemic.” When the pandemic began, the governor waived the […]

Scammers steal info of Floridians who’ve claimed unemployment

Scammers are filing claims under the names and information of Floridians who have collected unemployment, even if they didn’t give it to them directly. Kate Larsen from Naples told us she accidentally gave out her personal information on a call she thought came from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. “I noticed that the phone […]

Florida unemployment: April 1 marks quarter change process

For those claiming unemployment benefits, Thursday, April 1 marks the quarter change process once again, and you might need to take action on your account. If you lost your job at the start of the pandemic, the quarter change turned into another frustrating roadblock many of you felt for first time in April 2020, and […]

ID verification company helps stop crooks looking to steal unemployment benefits

Crooks are using 3-D technology to steal people’s unemployment benefits by printing fake IDs and trying to mask the crime using fake appearances. The State of Florida isn’t taking any chances on this one, and a man helping the state invented something that’s peeling away the hope of crooks to scam millions of dollars. Greg […]

DEO seeks to replace jobless benefits system

Florida officials are recommending that the state’s antiquated unemployment processing system be replaced after a review confirmed what had long been known: a broken system full of glitches that was incapable of handling the unprecedented deluge of jobless claims spawned by the coronavirus outbreak. The state’s Department of Economic Opportunity is recommending that the current […]