Former CIA director concerned about SWFL suspects illegitimately getting Florida IDs

Dozens of people used fake documents to get a Florida driver’s license, and most of them were granted at the same DMV in Southwest Florida. We looked at how the suspects were able to provide documents that passed as legitimate, and we spoke to a former CIA director who’s worried a driver’s license could become […]

Suspect accused of faking documents to get driver’s licenses in North Naples

Fake documents helped a man get a real driver’s license in Southwest Florida. It’s not the first time something like this has happened in the region or at the same DMV. The Florida Highway Patrol arrested 23-year-old Omaid Sultani on Monday after investigators say he tried to get two Florida IDs at the DMV on […]

Marco Island couple continues receiving toll violation they didn’t commit

We told you in February about a Southwest Florida couple getting stuck with bills that shouldn’t be their responsibility. It’s continuing to happen, and they just received a new bill for a violation they didn’t commit. Frank and Gwen Troha on Marco Island continue to get stuck with bills connected to a license plate they […]

Marco couple getting fined for license plate they turned in years ago

A Southwest Florida family turned over the license plate of a loved one who died to the State of Florida years ago. That license plate is still being used and racking up fines in other states. But the bill is being sent to the late loved one’s family. We spoke to Frank and Gwen Troha […]